Opening to the World Series Intelligent Type Electric Actuators from Turkey




On-Off, Proportional and Modbus Control Option. Full LCD display with easy-to-use interface. Motor drive option with contactor or triac. Wall mount bracket option for difficult or inaccessible connection of actuator. Pin connector option for main connection, actuator + control interconnection and motor connection for easy intervention in maintenance and fault times. IP 67 -IP 68 Protection class. Special tool (non-intrusive). 220-380 Volt Motor Option. The option of a padlock-free solution that does not allow unauthorized persons to intervene. Manual opening and closing of the valve opening system with 1/1 reduction. Manual clutch system for automatic engine control when the engine is switched on after use. Mechanical and electrical safety torque switches as well as limit switches. 100% Domestic manufacturing, great advantage in the provision of technical service and spare parts, speed and convenience Simple installation, simple switch adjustment and simple operation.

Standard Features


Limitor DT Serisi
Quarter Turn
Contol Type
On-OFF/ Proportional
Output Speed
0,29 Rpm
Output Moment
500-10.000 NM
Limit Switches
Separate opening and closing directions
Toeque Switches
Separate opening and closing directions
Protection Class
Standart IP 67
220 VAC, 380 VAC
Available in Motor Windings
Motor Connections
Pin Connector
Cable Connections
Pin Connector




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